Here's Why The BLOODLINES Matter To Owner, Sisi Nike

Black is for the people. Red is for the blood. The BLOODLINE sunglasses are the alter ego to the M.X. Series which were released a month later. These blacked out sunglasses feature exposed corners of the lens, gold plated trim and red temples for flare. All colors truly speaking to the black women who buy and support BLACSTAFF daily. Perfect for sun protection outdoors and looks divine against rich green foliage which represents our vast and rich land.

BLACSTAFF stands for a richness of culture and for the people who care for and service the community. We often subconsciously reflect the times that we are in and this is a poignant time to express our proud heritage, beauty and bloodline. So whether you're escaping the craziness of the current state of the world by jet-setting to a villa with a beach nearby or simply amongst your local community getting some fresh air, the BLOODLINES belong to you.


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