The Untold Story Behind The M.X. Series

The M.X. Series features a clear blue light filtering uniquely laser cut lens set in a gold, silver or black plated frame. This eyewear was released on Juneteenth as a relaunch of BLACSTAFF and in the heart of the buy black movement. The spirit of Malcolm X, whom the series is named after, was channeled during the time of the shoot which occurred during the gut wrenching civil unrest and protests after the inhumane murder of George Floyd. By any means necessary, the movement, our demands and the strategy for justice had to be different this time.

The M.X. Series went on to become the best selling sunglasses for the brand largely due to the intentional support of the black community to support black business and particularly small black business. This particular style of eyewear is for the woman who in fact wants to be seen clearly for who she is underneath. The details are eye-catching making it the perfect statement sunnies when you're on the go and they're the perfect pair sure to spark a conversation.


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